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Selection method of fire resistant casing for high temperature resistant casing

Date: 2017-12-05
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1., first of all, we must grasp the working conditions of the site, know its working temperature, the limit temperature and other factors that influence normal work, such as particulate matter, humidity, pressure and insulation.

Each of the 2. conditions have the protection priorities, the emphasis of cast steel industry is high, because of the particularity and necessity of the industry, in the daily work without dealing with various high temperature environment, which makes some of the equipment is always in a dangerous environment, for example, now a lot of industry is the electric energy to provide power for energy and electricity only through the cable transmission, the normal working temperature is much lower than the steel temperature in the environment, then we need to do a protective measures on the line, to ensure the normal work

3. now the conventional protection is mainly to the glass fiber sleeve highloft glass woven fabric, and coated with silicone rubber and imported high-quality silicone rubber fiberglass sleeve, heat can prevent molten iron, molten copper, aluminum melting and spray, and is not damaged by heat and flame caused by the import table high strength abrasion resistant surface composite aluminum base E-glass fiber cloth as the backing material, can make different sizes according to the specific environment, high temperature resistant sewing thread sewing with double edge folds, ensure the stability coefficient of casing during the installation of the overall strength and high temperature environment.

4. when selecting a heat-resistant casing for a high temperature casing fire casing, it is best to intercept a part of the sample and cut it out to see the glass fiber inside.

5. high temperature fire insulation casing in casing casing of glass fiber is mostly white, very few glass will be white, pale yellow, according to its color and the outer layer of silica gel to determine whether it is the regular manufacturers, many manufacturers in the production in order to save costs, will be mixed with other substances in the glass fiber. And this will largely affect the insulation effect and service life of casing.

6. high temperature resistant insulation casing casing casing fire because of imported high-quality silicone rubber with its surface, so it is dustproof, waterproof, easy management features, its working temperature is 260 DEG C, suitable for use in most working conditions, at a temperature of 1090 DEG C can withstand 5-10 minutes to adapt to the environment of high temperature and short time, in the high temperature of 1650 DEG C can withstand 15~30 seconds, extend the discovery and treatment process of emergency situations of the.

7., under the premise of meeting the needs of the working conditions, the heat-resistant sleeves and fire sleeves heat insulation bushing have made many changes on the original basis, such as the shape, the installation way, the color, the material quality and so on.

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