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What is a high temperature resistant casing?

Date: 2017-12-05
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roperties is very stable, and reliable safety and environmental protection, make our industrial development has been accelerated. So what is a high temperature resistant casing? What is the application of high temperature resistant casing?

What is a high temperature resistant casing?

High temperature resistant bushing (English Name: High temperature sleeving), also known as fireproof casing, silicone rubber glass fiber bushing, is made of high purity alkali free glass fiber, and then coated with organic silica gel on the outer wall of pipe, and then vulcanized. After vulcanization, it can be used for a long time in the range of -65 [-65] C - 260 degrees and maintain its soft elastic properties. Synthesis of special high temperature resistant materials determines the high temperature tube has many other similar materials to replace features: high temperature resistance, thermal insulation performance, flame retardant properties, dielectric properties, chemical stability, resistance to weathering, cold, water resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance, voltage resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance in particular, safety and environmental protection, is harmful asbestos products * alternative products.

The application of high temperature resistant casing:

1. Protect the health of the workers and protect the health of the workers

Alkali free glass fiber itself has very strong tension characteristics, will not wrinkle broken, anti sulfuration, smokeless halogen-free non-toxic, pure oxygen combustion, good insulation, followed by organic silica gel after curing, strengthens its safety and environmental protection, effective protection of workers health, reduce the incidence of occupation disease. Not like asbestos products and other harmful to the human body and the environment.

2. The high temperature resistant performance is superior

The organic silicon structure of high temperature resistant casing contains organic group. This special composition and molecular structure make it collect organic matter and inorganic function. Compared with other polymer materials, the most prominent is the high temperature resistance. The silicon oxygen bond (Si-O) as the main chain structure of C-C bond is 82 thousand and 600 kcal / mol, Si-O bond card / 121 thousand in silicon molar, so its high thermal stability, high temperature (or radiation) molecular bond doesn't break, do not break down. Silicone is not only resistant to high temperature and low temperature resistance, can be used in a wide temperature range.

3, spatter prevention, multiple protection

In the smelting industry, the medium temperature in the electric heating furnace is very high, so it is easy to form high temperature splashing. Without further damage the equipment and cable protection, through multi-channel high temperature silicone coated tube, can realize multiple safety protection, high temperature resistance can be as high as 1300 degrees Celsius, can effectively prevent the molten iron, molten copper, aluminum melting hot melt spray, prevent surrounding cable and equipment was damaged.

4, flame retardancy, reduce the incidence and spread of fire

If the pipeline transport is flammable or toxic medium, easy to cause the fire casualties or leakage; the cable is often due to local high temperature and combustion; high temperature tube using high temperature resistance glass fiber woven into the surface of the silica gel, add the special materials of flame retardants suitable, which has excellent flame retardancy the. Even if a fire occurs, it can prevent the spread of fire and protect the internal pipeline for a long time. It provides enough time for the rescue of important information such as data and data.

The above is about the introduction of the application of high-temperature resistant bushing and the application of high temperature casing, from which we can see that the application of high temperature casing is very extensive. It is not only safe and reliable, but also excellent in performance, which reduces the frequency of fire and the speed of spreading. It has replaced many of the previous dangerous products. It has brought great benefits to the development of our industry.

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