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Production and manufacture of high quality heat-resistant casing fireproof casing

Date: 2017-12-05
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Brief introduction

(Heat-resistant Casing), the heat resisting sleeve alias: fire temperature cable casing, casing. Casing with high heat is loose casing made of glass fiber, and covered with thick iron oxide red silica, can prevent molten iron splash and high-temperature and flame damage, high temperature fire set has three layers of combination of advanced the wear resistance - flame retardant layer, thermal insulation, water resisting fire layer, fireproof layer, use even if the one or two layer is burnt, third layer can be effectively protected, to win time for the next step of maintenance, fireproof products bright color, and has an excellent extension coefficient, hoses, cables and these properties make it suitable for pipeline protection under harsh environment;


Synthesis of special high temperature resistant materials determines the high temperature tube has many other similar materials to replace features: high temperature resistance, thermal insulation performance, flame retardant properties, dielectric properties, chemical stability, resistance to weathering, cold, water resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance, voltage resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance in particular, safety and environmental protection, is the best substitute of asbestos and other hazardous products.


The heat-resistant casing fire casing does not need to disuse the equipment and dismantle the hose and cable when installing the heat protection casing. Another advantage is that it can be installed on the site in a factory to ensure correct consistency and structural integrity. Generally suitable for the protection of short or more straight lines, cable protection, car harness, generator set in common use.

Common areas:

The high temperature area, heating area, cable, fluid pipe, rolling mill cable, oil tube, sawing and surrounding cable, generator set, electrical and voltage equipment, large building, hydraulic system, automobile wiring harness and exhaust pipe and so on in steel, smelting, shipbuilding and chemical industry and other industries.

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