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China's "whole industry chain" docking with ASEAN Power Demand

Date: 2017-12-05
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In recent years, China's power industry with the leading global level is developing along the way to ASEAN countries, forming strong quality effect and brand effect. To build the whole industry chain cooperation model, make the electric power industry Chinese strong along The Belt and Road radiation effect on the formation of the ASEAN countries, ASEAN Free Trade Area Chinese people and become the top power professional consensus.

Power cooperation between China and ASEAN countries

1 million 300 thousand kilowatts of supercritical thermal power generating units, 770 thousand kilowatts of hydroelectric generating units, 300 thousand kilowatts of pumped storage units, AC1000 kV DC800 kV transformer, flat wave reactor power experts interviewed by reporters some of the power equipment production capacity and product quality, China power technology has been in the leading position in the world.

Electricity is an important driving force and strong support to the development of the sea economy. Since the China - ASEAN free trade area is the core area of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone was established in Guangxi China Southern Power Grid Company in advance to take the initiative to plan the northern Gulf of Guangxi power grid construction and development, for many years to increase investment, to weave a extends from the aorta to the capillaries in Beibu Gulf of Guangxi power grid and the power network, provides strong power protection to accelerate the development of Guangxi the Beibu Gulf Economic zone. Among them, in 2016, in the Beibu Gulf area of Guangxi, 5 new substations of 110 thousand volts and above were newly built, with an additional capacity of 110 thousand volts and more than 90 Volts volt ampere, and the length of the line is 301 km.

Today, this area has become a region that has been repeatedly mentioned in the China ASEAN Expo Power Cooperation and Development Forum. Many representatives have conducted visits in this area. Vice president of the Vietnam Association of new energy Ruan Jinfeng is in successive Forum on Chinese power companies have a profound understanding, only in the domestic China advocated the introduction of electric power enterprise technology.

Strong Chinese power investment ability and potential ASEAN electricity demand between the formation of a benign interaction. Statistics show that from Chinese Federation of electric power enterprises, the actual foreign investment $7 billion 785 million electric power enterprises mainly China 2016, an increase of 168%; foreign investment projects 65, of which more than $30 million in 37 projects, covering hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power, wind power, power transmission and other fields. By the end of 2016, the total amount of foreign investment in China's major power enterprises exceeded 39 billion US dollars. In the same year, the total export of equipment and technology for the major power enterprises of China was $3 billion 900 million, and the newly contracted contract for foreign contracted projects was $48 billion 800 million. At present, there are 1691 projects under construction and the total amount of the contract is $161 billion.

China and ASEAN countries have achieved remarkable results in electric power cooperation. In 2016, the main power enterprises in China completed the investment amount of the 10 ASEAN countries (US $30 million and above) by US $1 billion 480 million, and signed a new contract of 30 million US dollars or above. The contracted amount of the contracted project is 2 billion 400 million USD.

In October 2016, the China Southern Grid Corp and the Kampuchea Royal Group signed a memorandum of understanding on investment cooperation in Kampuchea power grid. Chinese national Power Grid Corp 230 thousand volt Pakistan - Ukraine, Laos and excellent buy overall project started, Burma 230 thousand V North Kachin networking and backbone project procurement work orderly. In May 2017, XJ Group acquired the North Vietnam Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 47.48% stake, becoming the largest shareholder.

In November 2015, China CSG international limited liability company and the Lao national power company to jointly invest in the construction of 168 thousand kilowatts installed capacity of Laos Namtha No. 1 Hydropower Station in April 2018, put into operation in northern Laos will greatly improve the power grid structure, and provide power for the local and the northern part of Thailand, the old Burma border area.

Not long ago, South Power Grid Corp authorized the China Southern Power Grid Yunnan international limited liability company, with the power company, Laos Laos, Vietnam Hanoi Malpensa group tro - Vientiane power company in Kunming signed a "Chinese through Laos to Nantes high voltage power transmission project memorandum of understanding". In the period from 2021 to 2025, China sent power from Laos to Vietnam from 5 million kilowatts to 6 million kilowatts, during the period from 2021 to 2025. This is China's first Trans border third country power grid interconnection and interoperability project, which marks the substantial progress in the interconnection and intercommunication between the China and the elderly.

Nanning, vice president Chen Xiongzhang believes that the China power companies landing in the ASEAN ASEAN countries on major projects, the comprehensive strength of China power enterprises have a clear understanding, especially covering coal, hydropower, wind power, power grid construction and transformation, equipment manufacturing and other areas of investment include engineering contracting, build - operate - transfer and build own operate transfer and preferential export buyer's credit, the seller's credit, to inject for lack of funds, bring win-win opportunities and the urgent need for energy development in ASEAN countries.

Power demand of China electric power to ASEAN

Study on China perennial - ASEAN Free Trade Area experts, Guangxi Normal University, Silk Road Research Institute expert Xu Xiaodong believes that China power companies are by The Belt and Road layout, a good momentum of the formation of the whole industry chain docking ASEAN power demand, mainly in the following aspects:

The Belt and Road initiative, China ASEAN strategic partnership development, deepening bilateral economic and trade interaction, deepen cooperation have good environment. Trade liberalization and investment facilitation have reduced the cooperation barriers, reduced the cost of cooperation and created a good external environment for the expansion of power cooperation.

The Belt and Road initiatives to implement the process, Chinese power industry strong production capacity, project construction ability, financial support capacity, ability to integrate resources, complementary with ASEAN power demand, resource endowment, achieve win-win cooperation.

Economic development of ASEAN countries

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