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China's power push price reform will focus on six aspects of the power industry.

Date: 2017-12-05
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In December 1st, Chinese price reform forum held in Renmin University of China, 2017. Shi Zihai, the Deputy Secretary General of the national development and Reform Commission and director of the price department, said at the forum that the price mechanism of China's market has been basically established. In 2016, the proportion of commodity service prices led by the market has reached 97.01%. The next step is to focus on six major aspects, such as the monopoly industry, and so on.

The national development and Reform Commission released the November "on deepening the reform of the price mechanism of comprehensive opinions", clear price reform roadmap for the next 3 years, to 2020 as the core to permit cost + a reasonable return on the government pricing system will be basically established, to promote the development of green price system will be basically established. In addition, the low income cost and price guarantee mechanism will be more sound.


The degree of marketability of commodity price 97.01%

Shi Zihai said that since the eighteen, China has made breakthroughs in the price reform of electricity, oil products, natural gas, medicine, transportation and agricultural products, so as to play an active role in stimulating market vitality and improving market system.

After five years' efforts, the market determined the price mechanism has basically been established, and the price regulation system of the monopoly industry centered on the cost plus reasonable gains has also been initially established. The effect of price leverage is more full, and remarkable results have been achieved in reducing cost and adjusting structure.

Shi Zihai mentioned that a large number of government pricing projects have been released by the central and local authorities. At present, the government pricing scope is mainly limited to important public utilities, public service and network services, and has already realized the inventory management.

Now, agricultural products have been priced in all markets, and refined oil has established a flexible dynamic adjustment mechanism linked to the international market, and issued a price adjustment every ten days. More than 80% of the price of natural gas has been formed by market leading, and the scale of electricity direct trading has reached 23%. The price of drugs except for narcotic and spiritual categories has been released. The reform of medical service prices has also been actively advancing.

Railway freight prices to establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism to maintain a reasonable price and highway, high-speed railway, train, soft sleeper, soft seat passenger fares have been liberalized, adjusted by the market. In 2016, the proportion of commodity service prices from market led to 97.01%.

Shi Zihai said that this year's provincial electricity transmission and distribution tariff rules have been promulgated, and regional electricity transmission pricing pricing methods, inter provincial pricing methods and local power grid and incremental power grid price guidance will soon be issued. The pricing reform of natural gas, such as long distance transmission, short transmission and gas distribution, is about to be introduced. This year, the field system of pipeline and transmission and distribution price is fully covered.

Shi Zihai said that the pricing of railway ticket prices has been introduced, and local public utility rules are gradually improving. Since 13 years, the total cost to carry out monitoring of nearly 27500 projects, the cost reduction provisions into the pricing of 11500 yuan.

In addition, we will reduce the cost and toll burden by 420 billion ways, including coal electricity linkage, transmission and distribution tariff reform, direct electricity trading, strengthening the transmission and distribution of natural gas, and increasing the intensity of transmission and distribution. Inventory management is also implemented. The nationwide list of government pricing services and service charges is announced before the end of the year. The annual target price reform is better than expected, and the industrial chain is activated.


Solve the six major problems and put forward six major reform goals

But at the same time, he also said that the current price reform still faces many problems and difficulties. The main obstacle is the price mechanism of the free flow of resources has not been fully eliminated, the cost of resources and environment has not been fully reflected in the price formation, fair competition in the market environment is still not perfect, the price problem of enterprise reflects the need to solve the livelihood of the people, long-term mechanism of price is not perfect, illegal pricing acts harm the interests of the masses also have occurred, the need to further deepen the reform to gradually resolve.

He mentioned that the new era brings new demands on price reform, to the 2020 target of price reform includes 6 aspects: the market price mechanism is perfect; in order to permit cost + reasonable profit as the core of the government pricing system basically established; promote green development policy system to determine the basic price; price guarantee mechanism of low income groups more sound; market price supervision and enforcement of the anti monopoly law system more perfect; the free flow of elements, prices respond flexibly and fair and orderly competition, the survival of the fittest market environment basically formed.


The price reform will be carried out in six aspects, such as focusing on the monopoly industry and so on

He disclosed that next stage, the important task of price reform is to focus on monopoly industries, public services, green development, agricultural development, fair competition and people's livelihood security.

He pointed out that we should further deepen the price reform of monopoly industries such as electricity, natural gas, railways and freight and accelerate the reform of public services in urban public utilities. For the monopolistic links and basic services that the government reserves, we should establish a scientific, standard, transparent and flexible government pricing system guided by the cost plus reasonable profit, accurately check the cost, scientifically determine the balance and strictly supervise the regulation.

The price mechanism should fully reflect the market supply and demand, resource scarcity, environmental damage will cost internalization, to the basic national policy based on intensive resources and protect the environment, adhere to intensive priority, giving priority to the protection and natural recovery based approach, innovation and perfecting the environmental protection price mechanism.

Focusing on ensuring food security, we should actively and steadily improve, reform and improve the price formation mechanism of important agricultural products such as grain, improve the minimum purchase price policy of rice and wheat, and enhance political flexibility and flexibility. Deepening the annual order

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