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2016 the sixth Guangzhou international power show -- the government's key support for the 150 exhibi

Date: 2017-12-05
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[the Expo] - Canton Fair exhibition grand curtain, power edge event previews

On the 18-20 day of August 2015, it was held in A District of Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangzhou, attracting more than 700 famous enterprises to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition area is 35000 square meters, which is 18.3% higher than the previous one. The exhibition showcases: UPS uninterruptible power supply, EPS emergency power supply, voltage regulator, inverter power supply (inverter), solar power systems, wind power generation system, LED power, industrial power supply, power supply operation, communication power supply, mobile power supply, power adapter and power related ancillary products, in 12th Five-Year the national plan to support the development of green under the background of green energy-saving products, energy-saving power products enterprises have appeared, and many buyers attention. On the three day of the exhibition, more than 15000 domestic and foreign applications came to visit and purchase. The total number of visitors was 38000, which increased by 17% compared with the previous exhibition. The domestic professional audience accounted for 72.4%, and the overseas professional audience accounted for 27.6%. More than 30 professional media and Guangdong TV station have carried out a full range of reports on the exhibition. The professional and authoritative Guangzhou power supply products and technology exhibition provides a platform for China's power industry to display corporate identity, seek customers' resources, acquire market share and exchange technical information.

[gather 2016] - the place where the boutique converged, the stage to the world

2016 the sixth Guangzhou international power products and technology exhibition and Guangdong power industry technology development forum, will be held on 26-28 September 2016, in Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center (Canton Fair exhibition area A) held 2016, held the sixth session of the Guangzhou international electronic transformer electric sensor exhibition and Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition, will attract more than 800 professional leading enterprises to participate in. The total area of the exhibition is expected to reach 45000 square meters. Will attract from more than 20000 domestic and foreign merchants to come to visit the procurement application, the total number of professional visitors will reach 50000 people; Guangzhou international power exhibition has become the most similar scale professional exhibition, will be participating industry with a full range, high precision, cutting-edge trends, new series of industrial technology promotion, technology exchange and training other services.

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