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Nano alumina for thermal insulation materials

Date: 2017-12-05
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plication of high temperature resistant casing

High temperature resistant product life, are used in the production and manufacturing industry, the industrial production of high temperature resistant products very much, such as our current common high temperature tube, it is very important for high temperature resistant products, its chemical pNano alumina for thermal insulation materials

Nano alumina (model VK-L30JY) with uniform particle size distribution, high resistivity, has good insulation properties, widely used in plastics, rubber, ceramics, paint, polyimide film (belt), polyester film (belt), soft composite material (DM, DMD, NHN, NMN) (band), polyester fiber cloth (with) and other insulation products, the main field of application:

1. insulation coating, coating, coating:

Adding nano alumina (model VK-L30JY) to the coating can improve the density and dielectric breakdown strength of the coating, and the comprehensive insulation performance is the best. At the same time to improve the high temperature performance

2. thermal insulation composite material:

Adding nano alumina (type VK-L30JY) into resin, plastic and rubber, the insulation and thermal conductivity are obviously improved, the insulation performance can be increased by more than 3 times, and at the same time, the heat conducting network chain is formed.

3. high voltage introduction rod insulator material:

The addition of nano alumina (VK-L30JY) prepared by high pressure rod has acid corrosion resistance and excellent electrical properties, high mechanical strength, can be widely used in chemical, metallurgy, electric power, electronics and other harsh environments or with the special requirements of the occasion.

4. electric cars, notebook computers and other batteries, lithium batteries:

The positive and negative electrodes are sealed with an Al2O3 (model VK-L30JY) electric insulator to improve the safety performance.

1) when the content of nano Al2O3 is not more than 14%, the rate of viscosity decrease is not faster than that of pure polyamide acid resin. Therefore, the existence of precursor Al2O3 has little effect on the storage stability of the liquid.

2) the apparent decomposition temperature of the composite films first increased with the increase of nano Al2O3 content, and reached the maximum value at about 5%, then decreased, which increased by 10 degrees over that of pure PI film.

3) the tensile strength of the films first increased with the increase of nano Al2O3 content and reached the maximum value at 5%, then decreased, which increased by 47% compared with the pure PI film. 4 days after the storage, the tensile strength of the composite film had little effect.

4) under normal condition, when the content of nano Al2O3 is 10%, the volume resistivity of the composite film reaches the maximum value, which is increased by one order of magnitude compared with the pure PI. Therefore, adding a certain amount of Al2O3 can improve the electrical insulation of the composite film, especially the high temperature volume resistivity.

How to use it: it is suggested that the effect will be better after agitation.

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