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Difference between cold shrinkable cable accessories and heat shrinkable cable accessories

Date: 2017-12-05
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The design principle of the XLPE cable head: first of all, the design principle of all cable head should follow the principle of the restoration of the cable body structure of o so that the joint design should conform to China's electrical standards GB 12706-4 and IEC60502-4:1997, and must meet the electrical, physical and chemical properties, to ensure the safety of normal operation operation of electrical equipment and cable head long time. Two, principle and differential cable head design principle should meet and meet the requirements: make the cable in any natural environment can operate safely. To achieve this, four key factors need to be emphasized: sealing, insulation, electric field, process and so on, which are the four important problems to solve the cable head. First, seal 1. Because most of the cable heads are installed in outdoor environment such as overhead and directly buried, waterproofing and moisture proofing become one of the keys to ensure the safe operation of the cable head, and the sealing performance and methods should be considered. There are two methods: one is the sealing method for asphalt or epoxy potting, this process is complex, the control is not good, is not conducive to the maintenance of the other; a new method is currently the domestic and foreign professional manufacturers preferred method is to use high elastic sealant, simple process and performance reliable, convenient maintenance and installation, these unique advantages has become the mainstream of use. To use this new method, the first is to consider the performance of the sealant. Because of the quality and performance of the joint sealant directly affect the sealing performance, choose the one that can surface, also with accessory material surface bonding and the cable body are very strong glue, but also can meet the use of temperature change in different environment in the glue is very important. The whole cold shrink power cable accessory is actually an elastic cable accessory, that is to say, the elasticity of liquid or solid silicone rubber is pre expanded in the factory and put into plastic and support bars. When the site is set to the specified position, the support strip is removed to make it shrink naturally. This technology is cold shrink technology, which is a cold shrink cable accessory. Therefore, the cold shrink accessories have good elasticity, which can avoid the expansion and contraction of cables due to the atmospheric environment and cable load. That is, the gap between the insulation produced by "cable breathing", and the breakdown caused by the breakdown. The biggest drawback of the heat shrinkable appendage is that it is not elastic itself. You can't breathe with the cable. Therefore, the best choice for the use of all cold and shrinking accessories for the use of the great temperature difference and the great influence of the climate and environment is the best choice. Two. The insulation requirement of the insulated cable head is to meet the two insulation and relative insulation between the phase and phase. Requirements: 1. The insulation of relative phase is two kinds of insulating materials, silicone rubber and heat shrinkable material. The insulation performance usually depends on the thickness of the material and the thickness of the material. The company's full and attachment is the liquid silicon rubber used dowcorning as raw materials, the performance index for the design and operation of the 24kV/mm in thickness should meet 12mm thick, can withstand lightning and overvoltage test. Heat shrinkable accessories are mixed with a variety of composite materials, and are irradiated and processed with the function of heat shrinkage. The unit insulation index is 1.8-2.0kV/mm, so the design thickness is more than 3-4mm unit of silicon rubber material, that is, 15-16mm thickness can reach the operating requirements. 2. The relative insulation is to prevent the charge from climbing from a high potential to a low potential. Cold shrinkage silicone rubber material has good elasticity, as long as the design is reasonable, its strong resilience has sufficient clasp force. No matter the thermal expansion or cold contraction of the environment, the cold shrink accessories are guaranteed to hold the position of the cable tightly embraced. This prevents the intake of water and moisture and ensures the safe creepage distance. At the same time, the internal creepage distance of the fully cold shrinkable cable head is theoretically sufficient as long as 70mm is enough. Considering the safer consideration, the design distance is still 90MM. The shrinkage temperature of the heat shrinkable cable head is 100oC-140 oC, only when it is installed, the temperature can satisfy its shrinkage condition. When the temperature is low, the thermal expansion coefficient of the cable is different from the expansion coefficient of the heat shrinkable material, so it is possible to produce delamination in the environment below 80 oC, resulting in cracks. So the water and the tide will enter under the action of breathing, which destroys the insulation of the system. But when the conditions of the environment change, because of the lack of the elasticity of silicone rubber, it will also affect the safety, which is the shortcoming of the heat shrinkable material. Three, electric field: when the electric field of the cold shrink cable head is processed, the geometric distribution method is applied to change the electric field distribution through the stress cone, which is solved by a certain geometry and precise R angle. This method is easier to control and test. It can be ensured and realized in the factory. While the electric field processing method of heat shrinkable cable head is the change in the distribution of electric field with linear parameter method, we must rely on two important parameters: a 108-11 B; volume resistivity, dielectric constant is 25; because of its complex production process, the change of environmental factors, it is difficult to control the parameters of team stability, so the product the most stable quality will effect. According to the above analysis, the cold shrinkage middle head and the heat shrinkable cable head have the essential difference. But as long as they can meet the safety requirements in normal operation condition; but with the change of environment, and the cable head with heat shrinkable cable head compared with the differences and incomparable advantages; in addition to the whole cable head is made of a special mould, installed after the completion of the shape is very beautiful; installation speed; save time; the advantages of anti pollution etc.. Today we are in a fast developing city, and its power system often needs to face high load, high temperature, and high temperature.

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