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The potential of the application of composite materials is great

Date: 2017-12-05
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 of composite materials is about 8 million 200 thousand tons, of which China is 1 million 312 thousand tons, accounting for 16%. The rapid development of China's composite materials industry will bring opportunities for commercial bank credit business. China glass steel industry association released data show that in 2007 Chinese (mainland, below) industry, glass fiber composite materials production of 1 million 600 thousand tons, of which 1 million 155 thousand tons of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) industry; unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) production of 1 million 350 thousand tons, of which 688 thousand tons of steel used in glass field, accounting for 51% of the vinyl resin; production of 12640 tons, 15870 tons of coating resin yield.

In the next few years, China's composite materials are still in a rapid development period. From the specific application, energy-saving emission reduction policies only glass steel country of water-saving in 2010 sulfur dioxide decreased by 10% compared with 2005, the 2 target will promote the more extensive application of glass steel; the development of shipbuilding industry and the automotive industry will drive the development of glass steel. From the industry application of the intensity of the strongest growth, there are 3 areas: construction, automotive, wind power, they will form a hot 2008, composite growth could reach 15%. The construction market will be the largest composite material market in China. Architecture is an important application of composite materials, the rapid development of the real estate market, the development of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games has developed faster. The main architectural applications, such as flume, cooling tower and transparent sheet, are made by hand paste technology. The data of China's FRP show that the annual growth rate of the cooling tower industry is 15 to 20%. GRP municipal pipeline market is also developing rapidly. There are about 300 FRP pipeline and tank manufacturers in China. In 2004, the total output reached 300 thousand tons, up to 450 thousand tons in 2007. Other important industries, consumer goods market and electronic appliances market are mainly thermoplastic products such as household appliances and electronic industry equipment. In 2005, the output of China's enhanced thermoplastic plastics was 400 thousand tons, up 33% compared to 2004, and about 550 thousand tons in 2007.

Infrastructure for the application of fiber composite materials, including the foundation used in bridges, houses, roads, both at home and abroad are very widespread, it has many advantages compared with traditional materials, especially on the bridge and in building reinforcement and tunnel engineering, and large storage silo repair and reinforcement in the broad market. Have the infrastructure of our country broad space for development in the future, to see the infrastructure construction in general is still in its infancy, there are still outstanding issues, such as: the construction of agricultural infrastructure, insufficient investment in transportation energy construction development is not balanced, the city infrastructure construction is still lagging behind. These problems are both neck and potential, and the demand for fiber composites will be increasing. The use of composite materials in automobile manufacturing will also increase rapidly. In recent years, the annual growth of China's auto market is more than 30%, which is the fastest growth in the world. At the same time, driven by high economic growth and living standards, energy demand is beyond the domestic supply capacity, and on the other hand, it provides space for the compound that has a "burden reduction" role. The molding of the composite materials is not limited to hand paste, molding, winding, and so on. The new process methods, such as rolling molding, pultrusion and hot pressing can appear one after another. The matrix resin is developed from the traditional common phthalic, inter phenyl resin, epoxy resin and phenolic resin to high performance epoxy vinyl ester resin, and the reinforced material develops from glass fiber to high-performance carbon fiber and aramid fiber. The use of these high-performance materials has greatly improved the structure and properties of composite materials, improved the molding speed and manufacturing quality, and accelerated the practical process of composite materials on automobiles. It is believed that with the development of the vehicle industry, all kinds of materials with excellent performance will be developed to meet the needs of the growing vehicle industry. Different molding processes, such as SMC/BM and RIM, as well as vacuum molding, injection molding and extrusion, have the corresponding application in vehicle manufacturing. Since the beginning of this century, many world-famous vehicle manufacturers have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to develop composite materials technology and the application of advanced composite materials in the automotive industry.

At present, the application of composite material vehicle manufacturing is becoming more and more widespread. Wind power generation is a new and huge market for composite materials. Driven by the "renewable energy law", which came into force in January 2006, the wind energy market in China is another important market for composite materials. The new Act stipulates that 70% of the wind power equipment must be localized. China is the largest power consumption power after the United States, and the world's fastest growing energy demand. In order to reduce the dependence on coal and oil and reduce the environmental problems caused by thermal power generation, China has formulated the renewable energy law, which stipulates that at least 5% of the electricity will be generated by renewable energy by 2010, and that it will be at least 10% by 2020. China has a large land area, a long coastline, and abundant wind energy resources. The land available wind energy resources have the potential of 253GW generation, and the offshore wind energy resources have more 750GW generating capacity. Under the favorable situation, the wind power generation in China has a huge development space. Expected wind

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