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Breaking the "bottleneck" in the new glass fiber refractory Market

Date: 2017-12-05
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The localization of refractory materials for glass fiber tank furnace has been basically solved. The main technical performance of domestic refractories can be comparable with that of foreign similar products, which has opened a "bottleneck" for large-scale development of China's glass fiber tank kilns in the next few years.

This is the reporter obtained from the National Day held before the fiber glass furnace refractory material for domestic promotion seminar on information. Pattern restructure: the new noble VS. old card glass fiber furnace technology is the development direction of glass fiber industry, and is also a way to improve the grade and technical content of glass fiber products. The fiber glass furnace refractories production technology and production process of glass fiber is always special, is one of the key technologies of wiredrawing production process, plays a vital role in the technical level of the production line investment level and drawing production, is the basis of fiberglass kiln to achieve high yield and quality, low energy consumption and long age. The research on refractories adapted to the requirements of glass fiber production has been studied in China since 1960s, but the progress has not been satisfactory. In particular, in the middle of the 1980s, after the development of the production technology of the furnace and wire drawing in China, the refractory has been only dependent on the import. Tank furnace refractories production technology always by the United States and Germany VGT Kohat (see map) are two of the world's largest corporations monopoly. This restricts the development of China's glass fiber industry to a certain extent.

In June 1990, China's first drawing without alkali pool kiln production line in Zhuhai Special Economic Zone glass fiber Enterprise Co Ltd (Zhuhai glass company) production, but the wiredrawing production line can only be imported from Japan, the main equipments include kiln and refractory material needs to be imported. This makes the cost of investment very large, coupled with the technical restrictions of foreign companies. After a period of time, the development of domestic alkali free glass fiber tank kiln has no progress. Until the mid 1990s, there was still only "Zhuhai glass fiber" company with alkali free glass fiber tank kiln wire drawing production line, and the production scale is very small. Through the "85" technology research, Nanjing glass fiber research and Design Institute (Nanjing glass fiber Institute) tackled the localization problem of the production technology and equipment technology of the pool kiln drawing, thus promoting the localization process of the production technology of the pool kiln. But refractory materials for pool kiln, as one of the technical difficulties, have not been included in the "85" tackling key problem, which has also become a core of the engineering and technical personnel in the national fiberglass industry. It is worth mentioning that in 1950s, there was a small glass fiber tank furnace drawing unit kiln in the world. The daily output is only a few tons. Due to the poor quality of refractories used in furnaces, the kiln age is only a few months.

With the rapid development of the world, glass fiber industry and refractories in 60s, alkali free glass kiln furnace unit has been increased to 4-5 years; in 70s, the emergence of large tank world, life can reach 6-7 years. It is also fortunate that the high performance refractory materials such as compact zirconium brick and chrome oxide brick produced by advanced isostatic pressure method have been successfully developed. That is to say, refractory material has high technical performance index is the key to improve the life of the fiber glass furnace. Obviously, who holds the high end of the refractory market, who can easily hold gold.

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